NMW’s Competitive Advantages are as follows:

Taking Care of Their Own

It’s sometimes difficult to find good, and reliable, workers. But when a successful company finds top prospects in each field, they make sure to treat them well. That means good pay, listening to their ideas, and providing a clear career path. Overall, NMWCL simply make their corporation a good and profitable place to work.

Discipline in expenditure

Profits are reinvested in the business rather than taking all the profit out for personal use every year.


NMWCL is a resilient company, we may not do everything right, but we keep trying to do more right today than yesterday. NMWCL simply do not give up.


One of the primary jobs of leaders is to make good plans. This is another area where teamwork plays a critical role. Plans need to focus on both the risks and rewards of opportunities. All the details that will affect the outcome need to be considered. Work schedules are quarterly provided and budgeted for


Measures are in place to ensure proper controls are adhered to starting from the site offices to the Audit office located at the head office.


GPS (Global positioning System) can dramatically improve productivity! The Nsoroma Tracking and Biometric login technologies allows NMWCL to know where all your employees, trucks, equipment at any time. This tool gives top firms a tremendous advantage for that reason.

Risk Tolerance

The ability to tolerate risk is part and parcel of any business, but especially a contracting business. Successful contractors know that risk is necessary for rewards and do not try to save their way to prosperity.


The quality of company leadership will influence everything the company does. Leadership includes more than the CEO or owner. It applies to department leaders, crew and site supervisors, office managers, job site mentors and new-hire trainers.

Job performance

All the projects executed over the past years have demonstrated onsite job performance. We ensure onsite workers access tools and materials as needed, equipment as needed, subcontractors and other services as needed, which will feed into calculation of project profit and loss.

Integrate systems and people from top to bottom

Every department is kept in the loop of the happening of the organization. Non project related departments find means to be abreast with the workings of the project’s offices.